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The golden triangle in project management

golden triangle

This representation highlights the osmosis between the quality, cost and time of a project.

To control the quality and cost of a project, we have the obligation to control its progress.

In a triangle if you want to keep one side constant: the quality of the object of the project the control of deadlines becomes an imperative because to a + delay corresponds a + cost

We note during the preparation to launch a project that it is the cost which is the decision-making element. However, the final cost will result from the conditions of its realization and its deadline.

Currently, the notion of controlling forecasting and deadlines is not perceived as it should be, in particular for certain projects of great acuity and for unpredictable health risk processes.

The forecast must be made taking into account all the short-term constraints; but it may be necessary for processes with unpredictable risks to make a long-term forecast.

Mastering the forecast of constraints and deadlines is imperative.

Example: it is the failure to take into account 2 combined constraints of project management which, in part, caused the coronavirus disaster.

In project management, failure to take into account a constraint on a task, which conditions the start of the next task, will have the consequence of shifting the following ones, delaying the end of the project and thus increasing its cost. On the other hand, nature imposes imperative constraints on society, an example of the virus which did not wait for security and safeguard measures to be implemented in order to spread.

Moreover, the consequences caused by the delay of a task have not been taken into account, because they are independent of: their cost, their deadline and the resources to be implemented.

(The safety cost of masks compared to that of using hospital equipment).

To take any important action it is necessary to know what to do, how and when. ; without forecasting and respecting deadlines, the quality and cost of the project cannot be assured.

For this control Ecoplanningtime offers

In this spirit and for the control of these constraints, we have just published a new work on project management (It is deposited on the Amazon site and described in the attached note).

This must allow a majority of users to know the basics of project management, to establish the provisional schedule for different types of projects and to follow their progress.

Following our experience, on important and complex projects, we distribute version 5.1 of the Ecoplanning software in project management. This one presents specificities which will facilitate the development of various types of projects and this since the recovery of the data of an estimate, with the establishment of the provisional planning, until its follow-up.

You can get a demo from the site to review and test the software.

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