Who are we ?


We are a team that has operational experience on large and complex projects. Our goal is to improve and facilitate users the development of their projects. We offer innovative approaches for meeting deadlines for different types of projects.

Mr. Rivoiren responsible for the Ecoplanning company

  • Has a dual education: self-taught a CAP fitter at 16 1/2 years then CNAM engineer in civil construction and IAE graduate of the Dauphine faculty and CPA of the Employers' Chamber of Paris.
  • His professional career is twofold – in General Mechanics in Industry: design offices for tools and new works, organization of work, mastery of detail – in the Building and Engineering branches Works supervisor, engineer in a control office, specialist in project management

taking into account the many constraints

These are the approaches presented on our latest book on the Amazon site.

They have been used and tested on large and complex projects. They show how to analyze different types of projects in order to obtain their provisional schedule and then to carry out their follow-up.

We designed, created and implemented project management software. Version 5.1 Ecoplanning is user-friendly and easy to use. Thus a majority of users will be able to obtain visual and operational schedules to meet their various needs, then to follow their progress.

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